Based on 30+ years of research, HeartMath is a system of skills based on the principle of heart coherence, which helps people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems into balanced alignment with their heart’s intuitive guidance.

Pedagogy of
the program

Developed by the HeartMath Institute, this training program explores how heart’s rhythm and coherence impact brain and its functions, from as simple as quick reactions to as complex as strategic decision making.

With Maruma’s 4-6 hour short HeartMath Coaching session, you learn the techniques to activate your heart power and approach life with a more balanced outlook.

Package of
4 to 6-hour-long

A science-based workbook from the HeartMath Institute

Four techniques to develop coherence of the heart and brain

(If in-person) Biofeedback for developing heart coherence

who can attend this

Anyone interested in understanding how heart impacts our comprehension and decision taking ability, is devoted to becoming a better version of themselves.


Uncover hidden energy-drains.
Learn tools to decrease stress.
Enhance cognitive performance.
Deepen your listening abilities.
Re-charge your inner batteries.

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