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Maruma Consultancy offers talent management solutions, executive, leadership and life coaching, both for individuals and groups.

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Maruma Coaching helps organisations improve with personalised expert coaching.
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Maruma Consultancy has more than 3 decades of experience in undertaking assessment/development centres for frontline employees to CEOs. We engage in identifying key talent, create development plans and help build leadership capabilities.

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All of us encounter breakdowns and feel stuck. Our programs on personal growth focus on helping you explore, reflect and clear the roadblocks for you to move in the direction of your life purpose.

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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. The results can be life changing. Clients often say they’ve created a new outlook on life – finding inspiration, courage, confidence, and answers to long-burning questions within themselves. We support individuals, teams and organisations make this sift in the way they view the world and problems. And facilitate their transformation in dealing effectively it their goals.


What Clients Say

Stranger to Myself

Stranger to Myself as part of the IIM Shillong behavioural sciences lab not only provoked me to introspect and reflect but also enabled me to take the skills forward for my personal growth and development. I feel humbled by the efforts Dr Deshmukh and the team put in for the smooth facilitation and design of creative activities which helped during the exercises. I am confident that the learnings from this session changed the way I look at myself and my circle around. Thank you once again and looking forward to attending more such sessions under your guidance.

Vineet Arora

Stranger to Myself

“My first session with Mahesh Sir at IIM Shillong took me back to the roots of introspection, those things/strengths in your mind you forgot they exist. Sometimes you struggle to get inspiration and you get so desperately trying to find the next big idea that you forgot how simple it is. Mahesh Sir’s sessions helped to remind me how easy is to reboot your imagination and that the world around you is an infinite source of ideas and inspiration to relax, clear your mind and create. I loved all the exercises and re-discoveries I made in myself. A great transformational experience that helped me in my future journey.”

Mr. Nishant Mittal

Towards Mastery

It’s a top notch program that we have benefited tremendously by nominating our senior high potential Executives. Dr Deshmukh is a passionate Coach and his program is world class.

Mr. Deepak Hota
Former CMD, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd

Towards Mastery

A transformative experience triggering self-awareness as a coach. The program clearly outlines the nuances of coaching mind set, skillset and toolset. Truly unique are the accomplished facilitators who take you through individualized learning journey while also sharing the best practices.

Mr. Amit Gangal
Principal Partner, KPIT

Towards Mastery

Mahesh has unique abilities to make you realise the competencies to become a mindful coach …. His total 'presence' during the entire course actively helped me discover my own learning needs as a coach. He demonstrates powerfully not only what you need but how to get it 'here and now'… it was an amazing experience for someone like me from non HR background.

Mr. Anil Bhot
COO, Digital Printing & Flexo Solutions TechNova Imaging Systems, Mumbai

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