Talent is a scarce resource. Many organisations are keen on identifying their key talent so that they can make disproportionate investment in their development. We facilitate the entire value chain of filtering top talent, undertake assessment, offer feedback and crate development planning for the identified key talent.

Professional (CAP)

This is a very unique Credential created by Maruma to ensure an objective and scientific skill is built in the market for identifying and building key talent. We encourage people from HR other than HR functions to invest in their own development as a certified assessment professional. Several participants have commented that just training to be an assessor has broadened their world view of understanding and appreciating talent more objectively.

Job Analysis and
Competency Design (JACD)
Skills Training
Design and
Execution Of AC / DC
Feedback Process,
Report Writing & IDP
Competency Based interview Skills (CBI)

Assessment /

Assessment / Development centres are very structured processes that engage the participants in a range of activities that they typically experience in a typical work day. They are challenged to sift through complex sets of data, synthesise relevant data and make decisions to solve a range of problems in an organisational setting. Participants receive a constructive feedback at the end of the process followed by creation of a development plan that they can follow for the next couple of years.

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