Stranger To Myself (STM)

STM is a deeply reflective retreat, in the lap of nature, away from the maddening crowds of urban life. You will be led to experience live meditative music, engage in kinesthetic activities, build models of your future, use colours, psychodrama, and more. It is a blended program which is residential for all face-to-face retreats and Zoom sessions for online components. The first session shall be for 8 days followed by a meeting for a day/two every quarter, plus a Zoom call between face-to-face meetings.

What can you expect out of this program?

This program is a journey to deepen self-awareness and build skills for effective relationship with self and others. Participants will engage in a journey of transformation in a retreat style format that is deeply reflective, challenging and above all fun. You will step into a space of quiet contemplation through mind, body and emotional detox. This will e supplemented by digital detox too.

who can attend this

Anyone interested in:

  • Deepen empathy and self-compassion.
  • Connect with passion that fuels your life.
  • Confront your irrational thoughts and internal dramas.
  • Build trusting and lasting relationships.


Colour and
music therapy
Yoga and somatic practices
Spiritual philosophies
Mindfulness practices
Reflective learning

If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it,
then what you are, undergoes a transformation...

J. Krishnamurti


You will learn to find meaning and purpose using your own unique story and Appreciative Inquiry.
Discover your true path that brings meaning and joy to your lives.
You will develop skills of active listening, powerful and assertive communicating.
Build resilience.
Manage boundaries for effective relationships.

What Clients Say

Stranger to Myself

Stranger to Myself as part of the IIM Shillong behavioural sciences lab not only provoked me to introspect and reflect but also enabled me to take the skills forward for my personal growth and development. I feel humbled by the efforts Dr Deshmukh and the team put in for the smooth facilitation and design of creative activities which helped during the exercises. I am confident that the learnings from this session changed the way I look at myself and my circle around. Thank you once again and looking forward to attending more such sessions under your guidance.

Vineet Arora

Stranger to Myself

“My first session with Mahesh Sir at IIM Shillong took me back to the roots of introspection, those things/strengths in your mind you forgot they exist. Sometimes you struggle to get inspiration and you get so desperately trying to find the next big idea that you forgot how simple it is. Mahesh Sir’s sessions helped to remind me how easy is to reboot your imagination and that the world around you is an infinite source of ideas and inspiration to relax, clear your mind and create. I loved all the exercises and re-discoveries I made in myself. A great transformational experience that helped me in my future journey.”

Mr. Nishant Mittal

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